Friday, 13 April 2018


Johnsonville Tui and Johnsonville Sparrows had great fun representing our school at the Year 3-4 Futsal Tournament at the ASB Centre this week. 

Thanks to the dad and mums that helped transport and manage the players.

Johnsonville Tui

Johnsonville Sparrows

Saturday, 7 April 2018

STEM activities in Room 6.

Earlier this term, we tried out some hands-on cooperative STEM activities. 

In this activity, the children had to work together in teams to lift and stack a paper cup without touching it. They could only pull on their string that was attached to a rubber band, looped around the cup.

Once the children mastered this, we made it a little more interesting! They had to lift and stack a cup that had water in it, without spilling it!

It was tricky and some of us did spill water on the desks. But it was easy to clean!

It was great to see how well they worked together and there was a lot of concentration shown on many faces.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Room 14's Sunsets

This term Room 14 made some beautiful sunsets and then had a go at writing some similes about their pictures.

My sunset is like fire crackers in the night.

My sunset is like a butterfly.

My sunset is as cute as a dog with a bow.

My sunset is as shiny as a sun.

My sunset is like a colourful flower.

My sunset is like a rainbow.

My sunset is as beautiful as a rainbow.

My sunset is as adventurous as a kitten.

My sunset is shining like a sun.

My sunset is like the colourful crayons.

My sunset is as soft as a cute panda.

My sunset is like a gem in a crown.

My sunset is like a blooming flower.

My sunset is colourful like a rainbow.

My sunset is as hard as a pizza. 

My sunset is like a fire.

My sunset is as cute as a penguin

My sunset is as bright as a light.

My sunset is bright like a banana.

My sunset is as colourful as a tree.


Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair has been a resounding success. Enjoy reading your new books everyone.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Earth Hour in Room 5

For Earth Hour this year we tried not to use any electricity or electronic devices.  Then we went outside and picked up any rubbish we could find.  There was quite a lot!  We discussed ways to protect the planet and thought of how we could encourage others to do the same.  In the afternoon, we made posters, puppet shows and slide shows to educate people about looking after our planet.